Terms and conditions 3G Pitches

Pitch Hire

*By making this booking, you and your group agree to abide by Government and FA guidelines outlining social distancing and group training sessions, in addition to our normal terms and conditions.

Cancellation Policy Pitch Hire

Your reservation on the site can be cancelled at no charge with 72 hours’ notice prior to your booking taking place. Cancelling booking after this point, or failing to arrive, will result in full charge and no refund will be issued.

We reserve the right to cancel or amend your booking at any time, in which case we will refund your booking payment, however we will not be liable for any costs, expenses or losses arising from such amendment or cancellation.


Dewsbury Rams has a strict code of conduct for anyone using the all weather pitches at the stadium irrespective of the pitch location, type of booking and size of user group.

Everyone who plays, trains, coaches and uses the facilities will at all times adhere to the code.  Failure to adhere to the code may result in the cancellation or loss of your booking.

Dewsbury Rams has a duty of care to protect it’s neighbours especially those on the adjacent Amberwood Chase Development from any unsocial or unnecessary behaviour.

The code of conduct for this site is –

  • If you come to the stadium in a vehicle you must ensure your vehicle is parked appropriately and that it is not causing a nuisance or inconvenience to pedestrians or other users. You must use the designated car parks. There is a large parking provision on site and should there be another event at the stadium at the time of your booking you will be directed to the appropriate parking area. You must not use the housing estate for parking.
  • You must refrain from using inappropriate and foul language.
  • You must not smoke anywhere on the pitch.
  • You must not bring any glass bottles or cans into the enclosed playing areas.
  • You should wear the appropriate 3G Footwear, plastic or rubber moulded studs and or astro turf trainers. Metal tipped and metal studs on boots are not permitted.
  • Do not leave litter on the pitch or anywhere in the area. There are litter bins available within the complex. Please either use them or take your litter home with you. Please ensure no litter is left outside of your car.
  • You must not under any circumstances attempt to retrieve any balls that land in the gardens of the houses adjacent to the main pitch. You may respectfully ask the owners that they return them to you but they are under no obligation to do so.
  • You must be polite at all times in any discussions with local residents and you must not be abusive or aggressive towards them.
  • If you are taking part in an actual game you must show respect towards match officials, coaching staff, opposition players and colleagues.
  • You MUST comply with any reasonable request from any member of staff from Dewsbury Rams relevant to either your booking or your use of the facilities at the time.
  • You must leave the pitch promptly and quietly at the end of your booking.
  • None payment or continued late payment for the hire of the facilities may result in the immediate cancellation of future bookings and the reallocation of the time slot to another club/organisation.
  • Any damage caused to any facilities at the stadium may be charged should the user or hirer be found to be responsible for such damage and future bookings revoked without notice.

This code of conduct is an integral part of the conditions of hire of the facilities. Booking or use of the facilities assumes acceptance of the code.

Dewsbury Rams accepts no liability or responsibility for any losses either monetary or otherwise incurred by users should they have to forfeit their booking(s) due to non-compliance with this code of conduct.